Events & Campaigns

Swansea Climate Action Network (SwanseaCAN)

SwanseaCAN is a newly set up network of environmental and community oriented groups in Swansea. Its aim to to get groups working together by sharing knowledge and resources.

Currently involved in the network:

– Swansea Environment Centre
– Swansea Environmental Forum
– Swansea Friends of the Earth
– Greenpeace Swansea
– One Planet Swansea
– Unite union
– Unison union
– Extinction Rebellion Swansea

££ Money Rebellion ££

We’re taking the fight to where the conversation always ends up, the money. We’ve got to move away from investing our money in the outdated and destructive practices of the past and start putting money directly into communities where it’s needed the most. We’re drawing attention to the destructive investments of the biggest high street banks in Swansea and showing people how easy it is to switch to a more ethical bank.

Stop Ecocide

Right now, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) lists four crimes:
– Genocide
– Crimes Against Humanity
– War Crimes
– Crimes of Aggression (recently added) 
The Statute can be amended to add a fifth crime: ECOCIDE. 
Unlike suing and fining corporations (who simply budget for this possibility), making ecocide a crime creates an arrestable offence. It makes those individuals who are responsible for acts or decisions that lead to severe environmental harm liable to criminal prosecution.